Pandora’s Box Review: Does Vin Dicarlo’s System Work?

by Jon

Pandora's Box System ReviewThere has been a lot of things written about the success of Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box System.

Many guys claim that this system helps them get a particular *type* of women.

And they also state they’ve used Vin’s product to immediately turn on women.

That’s why I’ve decided to do my own Pandora’s Box review.

This post will go over what the product does (and doesn’t) do.

Specifically it’s my goal to get past the “hype” of Vin’s marketing and show how it actually helps you in a real-world dating scene.

Let’s get to it….

What You'll Get in the Pandora's Box System

Vin Dicarlo covers a wealth of material in his Pandora’s Box method. The core course includes 11 PDF files, 10  in-depth videos and a trial membership in his “Phd. Women Getting Series.”

Pandora's Box SeductionThe videos are great way to get a crash-course of Vin’s viewpoint on women and dating.

I found these interesting because they delve deeply into the psychology of women.  In fact, he answers a lot of the common questions that guys have about the weird things women sometimes do.

I feel this stuff is particularly useful because it’s designed to help the average guy improve his overall success with women.

Yeah, he makes some lofty claims.  But when you cut through the B.S. you see there are numerous techniques that can immediately applied to getting the type of (or specific) woman you want.

Most of the PDF files (10 of the 11) are simply written versions of what’s discussed in the video.

But actually this is a good thing!

Honestly, I find it hard to remember everything that’s covered in a video or audio.  Having these PDFs on hand gives a me “cliff-notes” version of what Vin goes over in his “women psychology” multimedia content.

The PDFs are great for future reference.  Use them as a review whenever you’re experiencing a problem with a specific woman.

Another thing I like about Vin’s product is he provides a checklist for the so-called 8 types of women.  This is an excellent reference for the girls you’ll meet in a social setting.  Remember, not every woman is the same.  So use this checklist as a refresher for who you’ll meet!

The final part of Vin’s method is his “Ultimate Strategy for the 8 Types of Women.”

This PDF provides a step-by-step blueprint on how to win over each of these eight archetypes.

First, Vin provides an overview of this personality.  This includes Her Desires and How She Gets What She Wants.

Next, he gives a game plan for conversations with this archetype.  His plan follows a simple formula:

Vin Dicarlo Formula for Attracting Women

You start with an “ignition” of the conversation.  Then you build momentum and lots of attraction.  Finally, you use rapport to build a deep connection.

Finally, this Pandora’s Box guide shows how to go from conversation to getting her in the bedroom.

Again, this is a straight-forward plan:

Conversation to Bedroom

This plan shows you how to go from conversation to sex with every *type* of woman.  You start with body language.  Then you use to touch (kino) to physically escalate the conversation and turn her on.  Ultimately this will trigger her emotions which leads things to the bedroom.

Okay…that’s an over simplification.  But Vin’s plan shows a quick way to attract and sleep with the different women you’ll meet.

Overall, I like the videos and PDFs.  But Vin’s Ultimate Strategy for the 8 Types of Women is where the true value of Pandora’s Box shines through.  This provides a great way to take action on what you’ve learned through this system.

Should You Buy Pandora's Box?

All in the information in the world won’t help if you’re not an action taker.

This product is specifically written for guys won’t like B.S. fluff.  You’re not going to waste weeks watching videos and reading hundreds of pages.

Turn on WomenInstead you get a straight-forward system for identifying a woman’s type and using a specific strategy to get her.

I recommend Pandora’s Box because it’s flexible in a real-world setting. Vin doesn’t teach a bunch of crap about routines or makes you memorize some line that will get you laughed at by scores of women.

Instead you’ll get a product that reveals the underlying psychology of women.

Not only will you learn about the eight types of women, you’ll get a step-by-step blueprint on how to attract each type.

In an industry full of false promises, Vin’s product gives you information that you can use.

So that’s my Pandora’s Box review.

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