15 Funny Dating Blog Posts and Images

by Jon

Funny Dating Blog Posts and ImagesThere’s a lot of funny things that happen in the dating scene.

When men and women meet up; you know it will be an interesting experience.

I’m not alone with this.

Many people have taken their frustration at dating and used it to create some very funny web pages.

Last week, I was looking through Digg.com and came across some of these articles. These include articles, images, and even the occasional Infographic.

So today, I’d like to list XX of the funniest “dating” articles I’ve found:

  1. How to Spot a Douchebag [This one is great for Jersey residents…like me]
  2. How to Spot a Golddigger [Real funny infographic of some dangerous women]
  3. The 8 Phases of Dating [How true is this?]
  4. Teriaki Date [Great stuff!]
  5. Dating Explained by Circuits [Kinda nerdy, but awesome]
  6. Vintage Dating Guide for Women [Enjoy this blast from the past]
  7. 5 Ways Facebook Changed Dating [Definitely true]
  8. My Date with Amanda [Disgusting; but definitely worth a read]
  9. If We Started Dating, It Would Ruin Our Friendship [A funny parody of the “Let’s Just be Friends” speech that women love to give.]
  10. The Pickup [Video with Paul Rudd spoofing the pick-up artist Mystery]
  11. Sexual Favor Fail [Pure awesomeness!]
  12. How to Use an iPhone to Impress Women [I’m not sure this is supposed to be funny on purpose. But it made me laugh.]
  13. Star Trek Ad Shows you How to Grease Your Nipples [Ummm…what the f*** is the deal with this commercial.]
  14. How to Date a Geeky Guy [For some reason, this reminded me of that T.V. show “Big Bang Theory.”]
  15. High School Kid Uses YouTube to Land Prom Date with Maxim Model Arianny Celeste [Lucky bastard]

Pretty funny, right? Well, I’m going some more digging in the next few days. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a few more dating related articles and images to include in a future post!

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