8 Types of Women: Use Pandora’s Box to Get Different Types of Girls

by Jon

The 8 Types of WomenThe cornerstone of Vin Dicarlo’s system is his idea of the “8 Types of Women.”

Simply put, he says that it’s important to understand that all women fall under one of these categories.

And once you know who you’re talking to; it becomes that much easier to attract her.

In his Pandora’s Box system, Vin talks about how you should figure out the different types of women by asking the “three questions that turn her on.”

The leads us to a few basic questions:

1) What are the 8 types of women?

2) Can you really categorize girls this way?

3) How do you attract each type?

In this post, we’ll talk about these archetypes and more about how the Pandora’s Box system can help you attract them…

What are the 8 Types of Women?

Yes, you can’t really judge book by its cover.  However Vin has figured out the majority of women fit into a broad category of eight basic “archetypes.”  These are basic personality types and what motivates most of their actions.

For example; here are the basic 8  types of women:

1. The Playette:  This girl enjoys being the center of attention.  She’s not intimate with many guys, but she likes having playing the field and being pursued.  When the Playette is in a relationship she is extremely loyal.

2. The Hopeless Romantic: This girl grew up dreaming about finding Mr. Right.  She’s not the type to sleep around, but will wait till she finds the guy of her dreams.  The funny thing is the Hopeless Romantic will often settle for any man who shows potential.  So you don’t have to be the perfect guy.  Instead you just have to fill some of the things she wants in a man.

3. The Seductress: Of all the 8 different types of women, the Seductress is the most sexual.  She is an “alpha female” who aggressively pursues the things she wants in life.  This means she’ll often do the pursuing when it comes to a sexual relationship.

4. The Connoisseur:  This girl is the bane of all the so-called “pick up artists.”  She’s very selective about who she dates and doesn’t fall for the standard routines that most guys use.  The connoisseur is loyal to the men she dates, but you have to dedicate a lot of effort to make her interested in you.

5. The Modern Woman: This is a woman who dates around.  But she’s not the type to sleep with just any guy.  She will be fiercely loyal to one guy, but will take time to find him.  Many men consider “The Modern Woman” to be the perfect type of girlfriend.

6. The Social Butterfly: This girl is someone who dates around and is intimate with the men in her life.  She enjoys life…and she’s not worried about settling down.  For now, the Social Butterfly is happy meeting guys and enjoying life.

7. The Cinderella: This is woman who loves to fall in love.   While she becomes intimate with guys pretty quickly, she’s still looking out for the right guy.  The problem is you have to keep her attention and make sure you’re the “one” for her.  Otherwise, she might move to the next “perfect guy.”  Often you’ll see the Cinderella in a string of short to long-term relationships.

8. The Private Dancer:  This girl is similar to the Playette.  She is desired by a number of men.  In addition, she is also similar to the Connoisseur because she’s selective about who she dates.  The only guys she will have sex with is someone who matches her level of social status.  So you have to be on your game to get the Private Dancer.

8 Set of Lips - Types of Women

Okay, those are the eight types of women.

So how do you use this information?

Well, think about the different women you’ve dated…

Some were probably outgoing and loved being the center of attention.  Others were more withdrawn and had a reserved personality.

Each of these *types* reacts to different things.  The “outgoing” girl probably liked the fun, exciting part of your personality.  And the “reserved” girl probably liked the more serious side of your personality.

Conversely, I guarantee you would have gotten a “bad” reaction from each if you did something that was outside what they like in a guy.

With Pandora’s Box, Vin Dicarlo has figured out the 8 types of women and gives you step-by-step formula for how to attract each.   {Learn more about this product by reading my detailed review}

In other words, once you understand what she likes, it’s easy to position yourself as that type.

How the 8 Types of Women Unlocks Female Psychology

Most of “dating success” with women is about understanding female psychology.

The Different Types of WomenI’m sure you’ve heard a lot about how confidence, attitude, and high social standing helps you attract women.

I think these are all important for dating success.

My problem is I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to women.

The energetic, outgoing, sarcastic personality (ie: Cocky-Funny) works with some .  But it can result in disaster with the wrong girl.

The thing that stands out about Pandora’s Box is Vin gives detailed descriptions about each of the 8 types of women. 

What are their personality traits?  What makes them tick? What types of guys do they like?  What turns them on? 

All these questions can be immediately answered once you’ve met a girl.  (Sometimes in less than a minute.)

Then it’s a simple matter of asking 3 (or more) of the right questions.

Vin likes to call these “3 Questions that Turn Her on.”  I’m not sure if that’s an accurate description of what this does.  However these questions help you pinpoint how to act around this girl.

How to Attract Each of the 8 Types of Women

Unfortunately I can’t list how to go about attracting each of these archetypes. In truth, all eight require a distinct attraction-building strategy.  (In addition, I’d break numerous copyright laws by listing them here.)

What I can say is Vin offers a free video where he explains this concept:

Vin Dicarlo Explains the 8 Types of WomenNo matter what, knowledge is only one part of the puzzle.

You can *know* a girl’s type; but still not have a clue how to get here.

My advice? 

Check out the video that Vin has provided as part of his Pandora’s Box system and discover his proven tactics for getting the 8 types of women.

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