3 Questions that Turn Her On: What are the Weird Questions for Turning on Women?

by Jon

3 Weird Questions that Turn Her OnA major part of Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box is his idea of “3 Questions that Turn Her On.”

In a nutshell, Vin claims that you can figure out what makes a woman tick simply by asking her a few questions.

Supposedly, this teaches guys a simple way to read a woman’s mind. 

What most guys wonder is:  “Does this actually work?”

And “If it works, how can it be applied to the different women that I’m meeting?”

In this post, we’ll cover the 3 questions that turn her on

Specifically I’m going to go over what Vin means by *weird questions* and how to use the stuff the next time you’re talking to a woman.

What are the 3 Weird Questions that Turn Her On?

At it’s core, Pandora’s Box is about attracting one of the 8 types of women.  What separates this product is it doesn’t make the promise that the same routines work on ALL girls.

Instead Vin teaches the importance of using conversations and questions to find out more about women.  Then once you know her *type* it’s easy to build immediate sexual attraction.

So what are these three weird questions to ask a woman?

#1 - Ask About Her Time LIne

The first thing you should do is ask about a woman’s time line.

This is how she views dating as whole.  Typically this will be her outlook on how *serious* she views the dating process.  (ie: Is she looking for a mate or just wants to have fun.  Simply put, some women are looking to get into an immediate long-term relationship.  And others are out to have fun.

#2 - Ask About Her Sex Line

Next you should ask about a woman’s sex line.

These are the things that turn her on and her overall opinion about sex.  You can tell a lot about her type and the nature of her relationships with this question.  She might be the type to sleep around.  Or it could show that she’s very careful with her choice of sexual partners.

#3 - Ask About Her Relationship Line

Finally you should ask about a woman’s relationship line,

This is a list of qualities that she is seeking from a guy.  Mostly this relates to what she is seeking in a dating relationship.  But it also applies to the guys with whom she wants a ‘casual situation.’  You tell a lot about what she wants from a guy with this question.

Ultimately these “3 questions that turn her on” provide a quick way to figure out a woman’s psychology.  When combined with basic attraction techniques, it’s a pretty powerful way to find (and get) the type of girls you like.

How to Apply these 3 Weird Questions in the "Real World"

You might think this sounds like a lot of psycho mumbo-jumbo.

The Truth About 3 Questions Women Respond ToSo let’s talk about how to apply this technique to read any woman’s mind…

To start, I think it’s important to have a specific woman in mind.  Perhaps, this is someone you’ve liked for awhile.

What you should do is picture her in your mind.  Then think about some of the things you’d ask that can help you determine how she’d respond to these three questions.

The trick is to know who she is before asking questions.  That’s why I recommend –> Vin ‘s Women Mind Reading Quiz

This personality helps you pinpoint the exact type of girl you’re meeting.  Done correctly, it gives you the exact script that can be used to get her.

The "Real Truth" About Reading Her Mind

Ultimately there is an underlying principle behind what Vin teaches in his Pandora’s Box System.

It helps you discover “who” a girl is in a short period of time.  (Usually under one minute.)

3 Weird Questions to Read Her MindLet’s face it…  All women are different.  Some love adventure and excitement.  Others prefer the comfort of a secure life.

That’s why traditional ‘pick-up’ products rarely work.  They promise a one-size-fits all solution to every girl.  Unfortunately you can’t use the same techniques every time.

What I like about Vin’s product is he gives you the “3 Questions that Turn Her On” and then he provides a framework where you can quickly implement specific conversation tactics that get that particular girl.

Overall, I think it’s a great system for anyone who is interested in attracting a “specific type of woman.”

More Information About Pandora's Box

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